Department of Cardiology - Heart Specialist

GVN Hospital (P) Ltd., a trustworthy name in healthcare in Trichy, to provide that Cardiac(Cardiology) Treatment for patients the highest quality care in comfortable environment.

We have been treating patients for over '79 years' and have a nation-wide reputation for excellence in healthcare services. Reach One more milestone, opening in department of Cardiology "Cath-lab" in Trichy.

Dr. Suresh kumar - Cardiologist in Trichy

The Young and Service Minded Doctor Cardiologist 'Dr. S Suresh Kumar, M.D.(GM), DM(Cardio)' taking lead the Department of Cardiology. Our Hospital forefront in providing the latest in Cath-lab treatments 'Angiograms' and 'Angioplasty', techniques in Trichy.

Cardiologist Dr Suresh kumar, who specializes in caring for the cardiovascular system, the heart and blood vessels diagnosing, heart problems, prescribing medication, conducting medical procedures related to the heart, and give health advices to patients.

Symptoms to Heart Attack

Chest pain or pressure
Pain that travels to your neck, jaw, down the arm, or back
Feeling that you will vomit
Abdominal discomfort
Light headedness or dizziness
Indigestion or Heartburn or
Shortness of breath

Angiogram & Angioplasty Procedure

A doctor injects a dye into a catheter that's inserted into one of the arteries leading to your heart. This procedure help them to notice potentially life threatening blockages. The procedure takes between '30 minutes and 2Hrs'. You may be return home soon after the procedure, as long as no blockages are detected.

The procedure is safe and usually painless, however you might have some bruising around the area wherever the catheter was inserted. Follow your doctor’s instructions and take your medication daily.

If you experience any unusual side effects after having an Angiogram or Angioplasty, you should tell your doctor directly. Otherwise, Doctor can provide your results the same day or soon.

Cardiology Patient's Review

Patient's Name:  TMB. Selvaraj

I would like to advise you that I experienced a great consult Dr. Suresh Kumar, Cardiologist in GVN Hospital. He is young and utterly professional, explained everything in easily. Doctor and Nurse's service are fantastic. Each single person genuinely cares. Reached safely at home. Great Service keep going... 'All the best'.

World heart day

World heart day was celebrated at GVN hospital (P) Ltd.

Chairman Dr V Jeyapal & Managing Director Dr VJ Senthil aired their views in heart health.

Cardiologist Dr Suresh Kumar talked about heart Heath to all the patients & professionals. Patients also gave their feedback. ECG & Echo investigations were taken with 50% offer every year.

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