Medical Oncology

In medical oncology Department, all chemotherapy planned & Delivered under direct supervision of medical oncologist.

We Believe in

 Multimodality approach.

 Tumour board concept.

 Right person for the right job.

 Ethical practice of medicine.

 Evidence based practice of medicine.

Oncology Clinic

  • Childhood cancer clinic.
  • Blood cancer clinic.
  • Breast cancer clinic.
  • Palliative care clinic.
  • Chronic myloid leukemia clinic.

Medical Oncology Facilities Available

Two bedded induction room for blood cancer patients with HEPA filters.

Six bedded day care chemotherapy Delivery room.

In medical oncology Department, all chemotherapy planned & Delivered under direct supervision of medical oncologist.

Specialised nursing assistant for chemotherapy delivery.

Support programme for childhood cancer patient.

GIPAP as patient assistance programme for CML & GIST.

Chief Minister’s health insurances scheme for all cancer.

Separate team which includes 'pediatric Oncologist' & 'pediatrician' for managing Childhood cancer.

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