Awards and Accolades

Awards and Accolades


In the year 1985 the Indian Medical Association, Tiruchirappalli Branch awarded a citation to Dr V Jayapal for illustrious distinguished son of a legendary COLOSSUS of the Medical profession and running the biggest nursing home in the city and district for the poor. Also for starting a Cancer Hospital at Tiruchirappalli with the sole object of consideration and medical care for the under-privileged and poor. Also for having conducted a mega Medical Exhibition in the year 1975-76 and for organizing a State conference of the Indian Medical Association in the same year.


In the year 1988 the Collector of Tiruchirappalli District Honored Dr V Jayapal by presenting a certificate of Appreciation to him on the eve of the 40th Anniversary of India's Independence Day for his unstained cared service to the poor and downtrodden.


In the year 1995 the Rotary Club of Tiruchirappalli presented a "For the sake of Honor Award" to Dr V Jayapal for establishing a Cancer Research Institute, Which provides free treatment to the deserving poor and downtrodden and also for providing training to the Para Medical Students and in recognition of the yeomen services provided to the community at large.


The Indian Medical Association Tamilnadu State Branch Awarded Dr. P.K. Kesavan Rolling shield to Dr V Jayapal for Medical and Social Services in their 51st Tamilnadu State Medical Conference held at Madurai in 1997.


On the eve of the 50th Independence Day in the year 1998, The Collector of Tiruchirappalli presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr V Jayapal for his services to the poor and downtrodden.


Dr V Jayapal has also been awarded a citation 'Manithaneya maruthuva Maamani' for his selfless services in the Medical Field by 'KA SU ILAKKIYA MANDRAM', Kulithalai, in the year 1997.

The Association of Medical Sciences New Delhi has Awarded "The Doctor of Millennium Award 2000" in recognition for outstanding services to the medical field.


The Editorial Board of Aids preventive society New Delhi has Awarded the "SUPER CHIKITSAK AWARD - 2001" in recognition for his outstanding service to the medical field.


Besides the above the "PALAM" a social service organization based at Madras has awarded a shield in recognition for his outstanding service for the poor Cancer Patient in the year 2003.


GVN Hospital (P) Ltd., got the CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION FROM trichy District COLLECTOR for outstanding services in the field of medical services under State Government Insurance scheme.


22-02-2011 Dr VJ Senthil - Honoured with the Internationally Prestigious Common Wealth Award The Gravoty Award from OFI.

Award of Appreciation - 2018

Honourable Minister Dr. C. Vijayabaskar, MBBS., B.L., Department of Health & Family Welfare, Tamil Nadu.  honoured Dr V Jayapal MS.,  for his outstanding performance in the Health related activities.