Dr M Shakthi Yathev

Dr M Shakthi Yathev
M.S. Orthopaedics., CEO,
GVN Hospital (P) Ltd.,


Dr M Shakthi Yathev is top Orthopedic surgeons in Trichy, treat injuries and disorders affecting the spine and extremities such as the feet, hands, knees, hips, elbows and shoulders. Additionally have a skills Wound debridement, Incision and drainage, Disc excision - Cervical/Lumbar, Cervical Laminectomy, etc., in order to be successful in his medical practice.


1. Primary total hip replacement

2. Primary total knee replacement

3. ACL Reconstruction

4. Lumbar laminectomy and discectomy

5. Hemiarthroplasty

6. Intramedullary nailing for femoral and tibial fractures

7. Open reduction and internal 'fixation of forearm', 'humerus', and both 'bones leg', 'ankle fractures'.

8. Dynamic 'hip screw', 'condylar fixation for trochanteric', 'subtrochanteric fractures'.

9. Amputations (Digits, transmetatarsal, below knee, above knee, below elbow , above elbow)

10. Incision and drainage

11. Wound debridement

12. 'ORIF/CRIF' of phalangeal, metatarsal, metacarpal fractures.

13. External fixator applications of both 'upper and lower limbs, Pelvis'

14. Closed reduction of joint dislocations

15. Tension band wiring for olecranon, patella, medial/lateral malleolus.

16. Fasciotomy

17. Split Skin Grafting


Medical Council of India, New Delhi.
Permanent Registration Certificate.

Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Chennai.
Medical Registration Certificate
Registration no : 79368
Dated : 17 July 2006

Dr M Shakthi Yathev: Performed under Supervision

1. Revision hip and knee replacement

2. Arthroscopic reconstructions

3. Spine: Posterior stabilization with instrumentation - Dorsal/Lumbar

4. Anterior decompression & Cage application

5. Disc excision - Cervical/Lumbar

6. Cervical Laminectomy

7. Acetabular and pelvic reconstruction