Pacify Your Neuropathic Torment

Neuropathic agony is a typical issue that happens because of issues with signs from the nerves. The reason can be distinctive as it can happen because of a harm, consume, weight and so on. It is a complex perpetual agony that typically emerges because of tissue harm. As a result of neuropathic to...
Blood Pressure Checkup

Treatment for Blood Pressure

Circulatory strain is the constrain of the blood pushing against the dividers of the conduits. Each time the heart pulsates, it draws blood through the courses. Your circulatory strain is at its most astounding when the heart thumps, compelling blood into the veins. This is called systolic weight...
GVN Hospital, Trichy

Nurses Day 2017

Our organization is celebrated on International Nurses Day (IND ) on12th May every year . Recall the celebration of Florence Nightingale’s birthday and mark nurses contributions to the health of the people . This year also celebrated in a great way . The theme of 2017 is “Nursing: A voice to l...
GVN Hospital, Trichy

Founder Day 2017

It is the strength of knowing our past that will help us succeed in the future, both as an organization and as individuals. The founder of GVN Hospital Dr.G. Viswanathan Pillai is engraved as the pioneer who brought modern medicine to the doorsteps of common man. Every year we celebrate the found...
GVN Founder day

Founder Day Celebration

Have celebrated the founder's day on 4th April 2016 with full participation of alll employees. Our salutations to our founder and our pledge to follow the footsteps of our great founder Dr. G. Viswanathan.