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Ways to Get Healthy Bone Naturally

1. Consume many calcium.¬†Calcium is that the single most plenteous mineral in your body, and regarding 99 of it’s found in your bones and teeth. obtaining spare calcium can assist you grow healthy bones and maintain bone density. Adult men below seventy and girls below fifty ought to get at leas...
GVN Hospital: Ayutha Pooja Festival

Ayutha Pooja Day- 2017

We are proud to celebrate Ayutha Pooja Day (the worship of tools, and implements including machines) which is traditionally celebrated in our Hospital. Everyone should realize their duties and do their job best.
Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis

There’s a strong tendency for the symptoms of cervical spondylosis to subside spontaneously, though they will persist for numerous months and the structural adjustments are truly permanent. Treatment is hence aimed toward helping natural decision of briefly inflamed or edematous tender tissues. I...

Hormone Replacement Thereapy

Most of the Ladies experience the onset of the menopause at an average age of about 50, but it may begin anytime from the early Forties to the late Nineteen Fifties. signs can range: a few girls sail thru but others suffer the miseries of warm flushes, night time sweats, irritability, despair, lo...
Fungal Lungs

Lung Cancer Treatment Options

The entirety need to be cleared in advance to avoid regret. other factors that are taken into consideration additionally consists of the patient’s preferred health, clinical issues which can affect treatment (together with chemotherapy), and tumor traits. The traits of a lung tumor allows docs se...
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Pain Control In Continual Non-cancer Patients

Why could a piece of writing with such an esoteric title be of hobby, of significance and relevancy to greater than simply ache control health care people. shouldn’t such a piece of writing be of greater significance and hobby in a professional journal than it would be to the educated preferred p...

The significance of the B12 Vitamin

Vitamin B12 is a part of the b vitamin family which allows to maintain the frame in appropriate form. meals along with meat, eggs, fish and live have ok levels of vitamin B12. despite the fact that a small amount of B12 is required by means of the body it must be taken each day. […]